Chemical Services


MAC Water Technologies products are specifically designed for the treatment of all types of cooling towers and systems. When you work with us, you can expect world class expertise, support, and the resources required to help maintain your systems. Below are some our available products.

 OPEN RECIRCULATING – Cooling Tower chemical   programs custom designed for specific water conditions, whether it’s a scale forming or corrosive makeup water.

  • Products for “difficult to treat” waters that will maximize cycles of concentration and provide corrosion and scale protection in high stress systems
  • Whether you have cooling towers made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, fiberglass or wood, we have products available to control corrosion and deposition
  • MACU-Trac traced products are available for ease of monitoring and precise control

CLOSED LOOP– Chemical programs for the unique demands of hot water and chilled water systems

  • Products specifically designed to inhibit corrosion in fully closed or partially closed systems
  • Organic and Inorganic chemistries
  • Effective corrosion inhibitor with or without molybdate
  • Products specifically designed for aluminum systems

COOLING SYSTEM CLEANUP PRODUCTS– For organic or inorganic foulants

  • Products used to clean older or neglected systems
  • Acidic and unique pH neutral products for iron fouled systems
  • Acid and low hazard calcium carbonate cleanup products


  • Products used in the commissioning of new systems or cleanup of older neglected systems for a variety of metallurgies
  • Innovative products for the control of white rust on new galvanized towers

BIOCIDES- A full complement of effective microbiological control agents that help control bacteria, algae and fungi

  • EPA registered Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides
  • Products for closed and open systems


  • Once Through Treatment
  • Potable

See Ryan’s article on Cooling Towers that was published in June 2016!


RO systems and cooling towers are completely different. If you understand this then why do chemical providers use the same chemicals in both applications? Our RO antiscalant is manufactured in conjunction with RO membrane. We know how the two work together! This is a superior approach to maintaining membrane systems and will lower operating costs.

MAC Water Technologies has a complete line of non-oxidizing biocides that will control biological fouling on membranes.

We also offer CIP membrane chemical cleaning services onsite or we can clean them offsite.


Whether it is high purity system cleaning, hardness and sediment cleaning, or your unique requirements we have the experience and chemistries to do the job right.


Traditional passivation or cold passivation, we have the know-how and equipment to do it right.


MAC Water Technologies Boiler Products are specifically designed for the treatment of low, medium, and high-pressure boilers. When you work with MAC Water, you can expect world class expertise, support, and the resources required to help maintain your systems. Below are some of the products we can provide.

OXYGEN SCAVENGERS – Volatile, Non-volatile,   Organic, Inorganic.

Oxygen scavengers are used to reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen in the boiler system. Different Boilers require different scavengers: Either volatile, non-volatile, organic, or inorganic, depending on makeup water quality, system pressure and temperature, as well as equipment design.

INTERNAL BOILER TREATMENT – Includes Precipitation, Sequestering and Solubilizing programs, All-polymer, Coordinated Phosphate, and All-Volatile.

Boiler water is typically first treated externally, by removing contaminants through filtration, softening, demineralization, and reverse osmosis. Further treatment of the boilers with chemistry is required to keep boilers operating at peak efficiency. The chemical treatment will minimize corrosion, pitting and scaling

CONDENSATE TREATMENTNeutralizing and Filming Amines, Organic Passivators

Carbon dioxide contamination in boiler systems occurs when carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity breakdown in the boiler. The carbon dioxide gets distributed throughout the system when it volatizes out of the boiler with the steam. As steam is used and condenses, carbonic acid is formed in the condensate. This results in a low pH which will corrode the condensate return piping. Not only can it cause failure in the piping, it will also return high levels of iron to the boiler causing it to plate on heat transfer surfaces and lowering the efficiency of the boiler.


Deposits are a buildup of unwanted contaminates inside a boiler. A deposit of only 1/16 of an inch of scale can reduce boiler efficiency 20%. Boiler cleanup products are used to remove deposits from the feedwater, boiler and condensate. Clean boilers will improve efficiency and reduce water, chemical and energy usage costs.


Ion exchange resins can become fouled over time. Utilization of resin cleaners will keep softeners, dealkalizers, and demineralizers free of foulants for longer run times. It also prolongs the effective life of the ion exchange resin reducing regenerant usage and costs.


We have equipment that manufactures the needed chemicals on-site and on demand using an Advanced Oxidation Process.  The reason why these chemicals work so well in the Midwest is because the chemicals prefer to react with ⁺² ions (Ca⁺² and Mg⁺²) hence neutralizing the hard water of the Midwest. Some advantages are:

  • As long as there is air and electricity you will never run out of chemicals or wait on a technician.
  • The equipment is rented for no capital requirements.
  • No chemical storage or associated PPE.
  • Costs less than traditional chemicals.


We use Minncare®, ozone, Hydroxyl Radicals, clean steam or a combination thereof to sanitize high purity water systems for maximum TOC reduction.  We can use our own De-Ionization (DI) tanks to refill your systems for reduced cost and downtime.


Polymers, coagulants, flocculants, to customized chemistry solutions for the enhancement of waste water treatment systems.