Light Environmental Inc.

Light Environmental Inc. (LEI) wanted to share with you that we are very pleased with your engineering design of the TEQUATIC PLUS TM cross flow filtration device pilot technology which is incredible technology from Clean Filtration Technology a wholly own subsidiary of Dow Chemical. Your experience as OEM is very apparent in the skid design and also development of the system as an automated unit which ties all valves RPM 0 differential pressures to its operation which is from the PLC controls and the ability to provide manual activation of the system with a simple switch. LEI also appreciates your efforts in providing assistance and advice in Refineries Food and Beverage and the Oil and Gas industry using RO Ion Exchange and Ultra filtration systems for nutrient removal in various industrial wastewater applications where you incorporated the TEQUATIC PLUS TM as the primary filtration device in our system designs in innovative ways and configurations to meet the tight foot prints as required by the our customers. We look forward to working with you in the future providing turnkey systems which include wastewater treatment plant design build and operate with guaranteed financing and discharge standards as required by the regulators for the application. With the proven technology that you bring to the table with the Aqua Drop system Patent we also expect to help many in the world today with clean water and health.

Eddie Sechrest