Municipal Services

MAC Water Technologies, Inc. originally did not work with many municipalities.  Our engineers look at the bid specifications and find the design problems.  Then we spent several hours with the engineering firms making the needed change orders only to loose the project by a few dollars.

However, after years of saying no we gave in to the constant requests.  Budget cuts have forced municipalities to look at alternate solutions.  Our experiences overseas and growing relationships with engineering firms has put us in another unique position to be able to help rural municipalities meet EPA and other government requirements.

EPA's LT2 Requirement

MAC Water Technologies is working with Harmsco Filtration Products to meet the EPA’s Surface Water Treatment Rule’s (SWRT) Long Term (LT2).  This 2015 requirement addresses Cryptosporidium treatment in municipal potable water plants that draw from Surface Water or Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface waHarmsco Picture1ter (GWUDI).

The MUNI is a new NSF-61 listed product with a pleated FDA borosilicate microglass with acrylic binder filter cartridge technology. The MUNI is placed as the final filtration step before the distribution system.  Compared with other LT2 compliant technologies, the maintenance is straightforward.  The operator simply changes the filters when the pressure gauge reads 30 PSIG for LT2 compliance.  Combined with a small footprint and affordable up-front on operating costs, rural water districts that produce 5 million gallons per day or less are a good fit for this technology.

As of November 2015 there are 83 installations in 18 states plus Canada, Bangladesh, and Egypt.  Additionally, in 2013 MAC Water Technologies contributed  on a study with the University of Missouri – Columbia and Klingner and Associates in IL for a yearlong test off the Mississippi River.  We have received verbal approval from the State of Missouri for this technology and full sized projects are being designed for construction.

  MAC Water Tech LT2 Brochure

  EPA LT2 Brochure

GAC Solutions

Municipal drinking water providers looking to quickly come into regulatory compliance or to solve other potable water problems where activated carbon is the answer turn to MAC Water Technologies to purchase or rent reliable adsorption and filtration vessels and other water-related equipment.

MAC Water Technologies, Inc has partnered with TIGG to specialize in San Antonio Pic 1adsorption vessels, bulk media supplies and spent carbon exchange services in the municipal water treatment market. We also provide municipal water treatment operators with multimedia filters, hydropneumatic surge tanks and green sand filtration vessels.
TIGG has engineered and built pressure vessels as GAC adsorbers and multi-media filters for more than 35 years. We fabricate tanks up to 14 ft. in diameter and have supplied numerous systems to the municipal market. We have an experienced staff to work with you on your specific municipal water treatment needs.

For removal of disinfection byproducts, metals, organics, solids, TTHMs, TOC, and/or HAA5 MAC Water Technologies has NSF-certified coal and coconut activated carbon solutions.

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

MAC Water Technologies, Inc. designs and builds decentralized wastewater treatment for commercial properties, communities, roadside rest stops, and overseas.

We utilize a multi-pass wastewater treatment strategy specifically designed and engineered Slide 9for long-term processing of residential and commercial strength wastewater.  This strategy enables lower pipe depths, reduced power requirements, and remote monitoring for a fast ROI as compared to traditional centralized plants.  This technology is also modular so a developer does not need to invest nearly the amount of initial capital because they can invest in the needed equipment while the land is developing.

For poverty areas in 3rd world countries we use this technology in conjunction with a drip system for irrigation.  Not only are they healthier they can grow and sell their own crops for a truly sustainable future off government subsidies.

MWT – Decentralized Utility Brochure

MWT – Commercial Property and Communities Brochure

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Temporary Systems

Decentralized wastewater processing can also be designed for mobility to be used for temporary applications.

Remote project work sites, migrant worker camps, fracking man camps, concerts, festivals, sporting events, and even Olympic villages can all utilize this technology.

MWT – Mobile & Temporary Applications Brochure