Engineering Services

We have consulted to 6 of the top KC area’s 10 Engineering firms

MAC Water Technologies, Inc. has professionally licensed LEED AP engineers on staff.  We hold licenses in several states with updated NCEES records. Our engineering services enable you to be proactive and will massively reduce unwanted downtime while enabling you to make educated decisions.  Increasing your margin by lowering your costs and making your facility predictable is how we pay for ourselves.

Engineering Support Agreement

Engineering Design for Construction Agreement

Our Top Three Engineering Services Used:

Current Water Treatment Supplier/Contractor Oversight

It can take years to become an authorized supplier to large companies leaving only one or two approved suppliers to chose from.  Also, large water treatment companies have global contracts requiring plants to only use them. These contractors get comfortable and do not performing as needed or simply do not have the expertise on specific projects. MAC Water Technologies is often hired to oversee and guide water treatment contractors. We will ensure the proper PMs are being performed, proper filters and parts are being installed, correct service intervals are being completed for cost control, the prices you are paying are appropriate, and cleanings and membrane exchanges are happening when they are needed and not before.

See Ryan’s published article from June 2016 about Cooling Towers!

Equipment Data Interpretation

Data interpretation is the number one area where we earn our paycheck and we can easily provide this service anywhere in the World. Most plants already take the right equipment readings. However, if no one looks at them the data is worthless. We put your data into algorithms we created and from analyzing the results we know everything about your water treatment equipment.  We then provide recommendations on chemical dosing, system adjustments, and suggestions on when to schedule maintenance. We can tell you if a chemical pump is not operating correctly, if a pump is about to go out, if a valve has been adjusted incorrectly, what adjustments need to be made to reduce the system fouling rate, and even if a UV bulb has gone out.  With this information you are now educated about how your plant is operating allowing you to make decisions and schedule maintenance in advance.  The days of unwanted downtime, expensive overtime, and unbudgeted emergency repairs are over!

Water Systems Audit Example

Quarterly Engineering Support Report March – June 2015 – Refinery EXAMPLE

Future Project Projections

Future projections and capital requests are a major part of managing facilities. These can be difficult and are often a guess. What often happens is salesman offers low side equipment costs to increase their chance of a future sale and they don’t understand the additional costs associated with installing their equipment. We will evaluate your system and compare multiple equipment strategies with capital, operating, and maintenance costs – all to enable you to make fact filled educated decisions.


  • Current Water Treatment Supplier/Contractor Oversight
  • Equipment Audits
  • Preventative Maintenance and SOP Evaluation and Writing
  • Data Interpretation
  • Equipment Skid Design-Build
  • System Integration
  • Equipment Layout and Optimization
  • Pipe Sizing and Selection
  • GMP Validation Support
  • Flow and Pump Requirements and Selection
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Contracts for Water Services
  • ROI evaluation on wastewater processing and GREEN re-use strategies
  • Research Solution Options for Future Project Budgets that Enable You to Make Educated Decisions