The concept for the AQUADROP is simple, but the impact can be life saving.  Put a hose into any fresh water supply, such as a lake, a river or a well.  The unit will produce disinfected drinking water using naturally produced power.  Power sources available can be solar, wind, man-powered turbine, back-up generator, or back-up electric grid.  This unit can be easily designed with desalination capabilities, also powered by solar, wind, man-powered turbine, back-up generator, or back-up electric grid.

The model show is a 0.8 GPM solar power unit. This unit weighs approximately 150 lbs. and can be easily carried to the exact place where water is needed.

A trailer system with  5 GPM solar power unit with 400 gallons of internal storage capacity, back-up petrol generator, with four water spigots on the side of the trailer is available.  Many other power, pump, capacities, storage and backup solutions can be designed/modified to fulfill your exact need and are available.

  AquaDrop Brochure

AquaDrop Bi-Fold Brochure

AquaDrop Catalogue SS Rev 7-20-15 wo


Cost – buying, shipping distributing and storing water bottles

Environment – the impact of used bottled water trash and disposal

Installation – high remote utility costs

Power – not available or not feasible

Health – water supply Not Safe to Drink

Upkeep – continuous need to purchase replacement filters, accessories

Contaminants – Water related health, cleanness sickness current and future

Manpower – the required manpower and coordination

Response – long response time

Supply – the need to replish the water supply


Easily refill water bottles and other containers

No Environmental Impact

No Installation costs

No external power required

Unlimited clean water to drink, bath and cook

No maintenance required

Removes All Harmful Containments

One person startup, requiring no further attention

Instant response time

No wait time to replenish supply

Benefits and Capabilities:

  • 100% Naturally Powered
  • Back-up Generator Available
  • Ease of Portability
  • Variable Flow Rates Available
  • No Cartridge Filters to Purchase, Clean, or Replace
  • No Trained Operator is Needed
  • Internal Water Storage Available
  • Disaster Relief
  • Emergency Services
  • Rural Water Needs
  • Any Remote Water Needs
  • Military
  • Irrigation and Livestock
  • Work in the Mission Field
  • Many Others