MAC Water Technologies is an engineering based equipment supplier company.  What makes us unique are:

  1. We understand what process, or as we call it “homework”, is needed BEFORE introducing equipment.  Once the “homework” is done the correct solution options present themselves.  It is our job to educate our clients to be able to make decisions.  No more just throwing money at problems!
  2. We have over 100 Global Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Agreements and Distributor Contracts with competing manufacturers.  Unlike traditional equipment distributors and product representative companies, this enables us to remain unbiased towards brand names.
  3. We typically offer more than one solution for you to chose from.  Each solution has different upfront and operating costs with different maintenance requirements.  Now you can chose an option that is right for your situation.
  4. We are global with no territories. We can coordinate and standardize your company’s global network of facilities.
  5. We buy direct for very competitive pricing.

For example, if you called upon us to help build a dog house our approach would be:

  • Research what wood is most appropriate for the region of the world you live it. Will it rot? Dry out? Is there a return on investment to use a different technology besides wood?
  • Research what nails should be used. How long? Are screws better? What is the return on investment for using screws versus nails? Galvanized, plated, painted, etc.?
  • Is paint needed and what kind? What is the return on investment by using different coatings or a siding?
  • Who will build it? Do you have a specific contractor in mind? If so, we should use who you like. If you do not have a desired contractor we can bring in a couple for you to choose from. Perhaps it is best that we use your manpower along with our personnel to build it with you so you know how to provide proper maintenance and to keep your costs down?
  • Finally we would oversee the construction and placement of your new doghouse with hands-on management techniques, with no change orders.

What we – do not do – is use our brand of wood, with our brand of nails, with our brand of paint, and we will build it simply because these are the parts we directly represent, or have in stock and makes us the most money.  Again because we have so many competing products at our disposal you can pick and chose what options work best for your situation.

We are a referral based company and being so we must look after our customers first. If we do not do this, we will not receive any referrals, and if we do not receive referrals, we go out of business. By operating for the customer this way, and sticking to our values, we have quickly gained a world-wide customer base and expanded our markets.


The Vision of MAC Water Technologies is to ensure the wise use and preservation of our world’s water resources.


Our Mission is to design, build, install and maintain water treatment systems by using innovative cross branded equipment.

We accomplish this by engineering the appropriate equipment to fit the customer’s needs as opposed to staying with one brand.  Our view is to provide the best, most cost effective, environmentally sound, long-term solution for the customer.



  • a business culture of mutual accountability and integrity in all that we say and do.
  • life-long relationships that is built through honest consulting practices.
  • profitability, assuring the future for our clients as well as ourselves.
  • continuing education while advancing the future of our company and society.
  • professionalism in the way we treat our clients, business partners, and staff.
  • teamwork with our clients, contractors, and employees enabling us to effectively adapt to change.
  • and respect the productive use of our clients, contractors, and employees time.
  • quality over quantity in everything we say and do.
  • saving our clients money and resources through innovation and engineering.
  • environmental stewardship.
  • families and individuals, understanding and respecting the challenges they face.
  • those who make it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms, liberties, and opportunities to engage in business on a global scale, the strength of proper recognition of those who serve above and beyond what is expected, that fosters a profitable and enjoyable working environment.
  • the discipline it takes to create and maintain a quality, enjoyable, and profitable team.
  • leadership where service providers are accountable, responsible, and willing to take ownership if and whenever challenges and issues arise.
  • we will not compromise on our values.

At MAC Water Technologies we pride ourselves on superior customer service. People choose us because we care and place them first. These four simple rules are at the core of our business and we strive to abide by them.

Four benefits to our customers:

1. We show up on time, fully prepared – your time is important to you and your time is important to us.
We respect your schedule and won’t keep you waiting.

2. We do what we say we’re going to do.
We quote what you ask for in the format you request. After we earn your business, we believe in the value of a quotation. Pricing will not increase after the project has been started.

3. We finish what we start.
So many businesses employ a “closer” to get your business and then hand it off to someone else. We’re a bit different. Throughout the entire process, you’ll deal with the same person from the design, sale, installation, equipment start-up, to follow-up, we ensure your project stays on budget and meets your expectations.

4. We say “Please” and “Thank You”.
Many businesses forget that respect is earned. While we build solutions to your water treatment needs, our experts treat you like family. Respecting our customers and providing them with superior service, that is what MAC Water Technologies is all about.

An engineering based business must be led by engineers, that “Do what we say we Do”.  MAC Water Technologies’ founder, Ryan A. McAfee, P.E., LEED AP is active in the organization as the President and CEO.

Ryan’s formal education is a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.S. In Business Administration.  He is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in several states, is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), and has taught water treatment at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX.

Ryan has directly consulted to Prime Ministers and several other ministers from 22 countries concerning the Global Megatrends of Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene (WASH), sustainable power, housing, and healthcare.

Ryan’s professional background includes: fluid systems design, global project management, high purity water, wastewater, sustainability, and LEED.

Originally, Ryan started MAC Water Technologies as a side venture prompted by market demand because and let’s face it he just can’t sit still! In a short time several colleagues were asking for recommendations for equipment. He found himself devoting all of his free time engineering water treatment solutions and enjoying the satisfaction of providing them a cost effective, long lasting, environmentally smart solutions. With referrals growing and the personal price of being gone from home and family every week with escalating traveling worldwide for projects with his full time job, Ryan decided to break away and concentrate on MAC Water Technologies. With his colleagues and increasing new business associations along with his unique business model, he found manufacturers eager to work with him as a global OEM, enabling MAC Water Technologies to stay unbiased with competitive pricing.

MAC Water Technologies, Inc. services clients throughout the nation with a Global reach.  We have equipment in 22 countries and counting!

Our original market focus was Food and Beverage manufacturing, Laboratories, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.  We chose these markets because they have high quality requirements and traditional salesman are easy competitors to our business model and engineering skills.

We were quickly referred into Chemical and Petroleum Refinery markets with Heavy Industrial markets coming with them.

Higher Education and Healthcare came with the Laboratory association.

Our most recent market has been in Municipal.  We finally gave in to all of the requests.

Ryan McAfee, P.E., LEED AP

President and CEO

Tom R. Ball, P.E.

Solutions Manager