Most other systems require a programmer to adjust the controls. We designed a system, where you can make those changes yourself with our MACU-Touch controller. The MACU-Touch can be linked to the MACU-Pure or retrofitted to existing equipment for the best results and highest level of control.

The MACU-Touch is a universal plug-and-play equipment controller for membrane systems.  One can purchase a MACU-Pure system with this controller on it, they can purchase the controller as an OEM and put it on their equipment, or they can purchase the MACU-Touch to retrofit an existing membrane system.

What makes the MACU-Touch unique is for OEMs or retrofitting older equipment is the ability to program the analog signals without needing a computer programmer.  All of the logic to add or adjust sensor types and quantities is built into the controller.  Simply select the desired sensor on the screen and set the parameters.

The controller comes with a colored touch screen HMI and is Allen Bradley PLC based.

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